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What Makes The Slanket So Social?

I recently asked a good friend if I could help with his company’s social media marketing efforts. He’s got a high quality product that people love. Perfect fit for social media right? Of course it is. His company is The Slanket.  They are the “Original Blanket with Sleeves!” You may have heard TV ads for [...]

Can Social Media Help You Remember?

What helps you retain information? How do you like to study new topics? What habits did you have when you where in school? I feel like I have to throw out everything I’ve learned in the past and start over. As a young child I was taught to go to my room and study. In [...]

Looking for Work or Working for Work?

It’s been 8 months since I was laid off from the company I worked for during the last decade. Yes, last decade. I worked for a cooperative database business which provided data and analytics for direct marketers. I found an interest in product marketing and product management and was promoted into a product management position. [...]

Socialnomics In Review

After reading Socialnomics I feel slightly more in tune with the minds of everyone around me and our social media relationships.  Socialnomics was written by Erik Qualman and published in 2009.  One might ask why I’m just now reading a book on social media that was written in 2009. Well, I have become more intrigued [...]